Every Custom Ice Fishing rod is built by owner & builder Brandon Greene.

Titanium Alloy Guides - Shape Memory

We use the highest quality guides on our ice fishing rods so you get a durable, long lasting, high quality ice fishing rod

Choose Your Own Colors!

80 color combinations to choose from. You get to choose the colors you want on your custom ice fishing rod. Not only do you get the best quality ice fishing rods from Hooked Custom Rods, you also get to customize it the way you want it.
Custom Ice Fishing Rod Guide
Custom Ice Fishing Rod Handles

Choose Your Own Handle!

Choose from 6 different types of handles for your new custom ice fishing rod. Pick the perfect one for your style. You can choose from a 3-inch Cork Handle, 5-inch Cork Handle, 6.5-inch Cork Handle with inlay, Custom Tennessee Handle, Split Handle or a 6.5-inch Carbon Fiber Handle.


Panny Snatcher
Lip Tickler
Lip Pounder
Lippy Ripper
Jaw Locker

Guaranteed Shipping

We ensure your product is packaged with the proper materials for safe arrival. We also insure every package we send so you don’t need to worry if your order will arrive safe.

Premium Quality

Our rods are made by hand using the highest quality materials. You can be sure that your investing in the best product possible.

Safe and Secure

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